Any DIY junkie will tell you that there is something innately satisfying about making basic foods and other things for home use instead of buying from the store. The following are our picks for the best power tools to produce the best results for a serious DIYer.

Making smoothies, food blends and even something as basic as coconut flour requires an excellent food processor that can grind up both wet and dry ingredients. For our pick, it is the HAMILTON BEACH ENSEMBLE 3-CUP MINI CHOPPER.
1. The precision blades make it great at processing foods that need to be chopped or minced or ground.
Works on a pulse control instead of a continuous grind.
The cups are small which compacts the food closer to the blades.
All of the parts are dishwasher safe, clean up is easy.
A good food processor could be the difference between a great blend and a disappointing result on that new recipe you have been dying to try out. Make sure to check out the features of the food processors on your list, ensuring that they are pocket-friendly and can be used for the purpose you intend it for.

A grinding machine is the name used for any tool that uses an abrasive cutting surface to reduce the material it is used on – usually wood, stone and metal-by cutting tiny chips away. It is usually a finishing tool for materials that need an even finish and smooth edges. There are various types and makes of grinding machines for different applications; this should be put into consideration when choosing the model of grinder to buy. The DEWALT D28114 is a great model for most DIY work and is a great place to start.
1. 13-AMP motor, which makes it powerful
Great grip and hold, lightweight at 6 pounds.
Grinds wood and metal effectively


A cordless drill is a power tool every DIYer should own, and the MAKITA XPH012 LXT is a favorite. The best cordless drill will help you to insert screws, punch holes of different sizes and makes your project easier to do.
Its 18G torque is just light enough to be easily handled but powerful enough to perform even under pressure, making it the best cordless drill for home DIYers.
It has a fast ten to thirty minute charge that actually delivers for when the batteries run down.
Reasonably priced proportional to performance.
It is versatile as it can perform as a hammer drill, basic drill and drill driver for installing screws.
With the best cordless drill, you can get a lot done faster. Therefore, it is wise to invest in one that delivers power with affordability.

Misleading name aside, a biscuit joiner is a great tool for a DIYer to have. It is used to join two pieces of wood together in a fascinating process. Using a circular saw, a crescent-shaped hole is cit in both pieces of wood at the place they are to be joined and an oval biscuit (a piece of wood with industrial glue on it) is put into the hole and the two pieces of wood joined immediately. As the biscuit dries, the wooden joints get firmer.
The DEWALT DW682K is very favourably reviewed by users and delivers accurate cuts with a firm and durable fit. This tool is used in a number of projects, ranging from top construction projects to building a petty playhouse for the kids.
Light and versatile, with a good grip for woodworking.
Great for edge-to-edge joints and perpendicular joints.
The biscuit joiner was a revolutionary invention, and till today it makes joining wood easy and effective. The user who wants a reliably firm wood joint in his DIY work will need a biscuit joiner.
Above are some of the important tools you can use at home for some “Do It Yourself” work without the help of experts to execute the project.

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