Creating a Design Your Own Home


Design Your Own Home – Your home is certainly better if it suits your taste. Want to build your own home design is not easy, so many people who use the services of others to design his house. If you have limited funds, but wanted to have a home that suits your taste, then we will provide tips to make home designs to suit your taste.

The following tips on :

Before you begin the design of the house, do the following activities for inspiration and references about the type of home you want.
Look for inspiration with a walk
Bring your digital camera, take your family to travel, and see houses along the way you prefer. Take a picture in the morning or late in the evening so it was not too dazzling.

Look for references on the media

Go to the bookstore, look at the property magazines about home design, there must be a new magazine, you can also find inspiration in a used book store, and watch a model that interests you.

Go to the property exhibition

If there happens to be an exhibition property, go to your exhibition. Observe a model home that interests you, and at the exhibition you can also find the latest property design trend.

Create the image clipping home you collect

After you collect images from various sources, ranging from photos, magazines, used books, pictures of the property exhibition, and others, and make into a scrapbook so you can pay attention to the details well.

Ask family considerations

Once you make the clipping, showcase it on your family. Ask what they think, and discuss the shape of the house and what are the space needed by a family member.

Determine the amount of data later occupants and anyone

Knowing the number of occupants of the house later on is very important, especially for the regulation of the bedroom and bathroom. Not only the number of people, but the data anyone person is also required to determine the space requirements of each person.

Determine any space that will be created along with their sizes

After knowing the number and anyone who is going to stay, then you can determine the space required. Determine the number of rooms needed and determine the size of the room.

Sketch the land on millimeter paper

Start drawing on millimeter block to assist you in making a comparative scale the image to the original.

Draw lines, to indicate that there will be a room in your home

Draw some guidelines to help you draw the room you need according to the scale.

Do a trial and error to adjust the size of the room as desired

Arrange the room you images to match your needs.

Move the picture to HVS white so it looks neater

Once you’ve made sure your sketch, then move the image to the HVS white paper so it looks neater

Make bold line the walls, and let the door (notation ΒΌ circle) and the window (notation straight line)

Add pictures furnishings and hatch

Once you have checked the doors, windows, and walls, then draw the furniture and give shading, thus further clarify the contents of each of the existing space.

Re-evaluation, is already in line with the principle of saving energy?

The more energy efficient, the more it will cost incurred for home care, especially of the electricity costs.

Give color so the more attractive and beautiful

The more interesting the picture, the more beautiful is not it? And you will be more confident with the design and floor plans that you create yourself.

Would be sufficient for the tips that you can know to make the design of the house itself. With hope, the concepts and ideas that you have to make the stay more comfortable and very attractive looks.

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