Glossary of Mortgage Terms


Added Security Fee

An extra Security Fee (Mortgage Indemnity Guarantee coverage) is your fee taken to acquire an insurance plan which will insure your lender that in the event that you default on obligations, he won’t suffer any reduction. You’ve got to pay the extra Security Fee along with the premium together with your mortgage progress. Although you’re paying the premium, keep in mind that this coverage is for the security of your lender rather than for you.

Administration Fee

The government fee is the amount charged by your creditor to begin working on the documentation component of your mortgage program. It features the house valuation fee too. The administration fee won’t be reimbursed if your evaluation isn’t completed or when your application was refused mortgage miss-selling solicitors.

Adverse Credit

Adverse credit takes place whenever you’ve got a history of terrible credit, bankruptcy, CCJ, or loan arrears. Adverse credit may also be called as poor credit, bad credit, or it may be stated that you’ve got a poor credit score.

Agricultural Restriction

An agricultural limitation is a principle that will limit you in holding a home in case your job is in any manner linked to agriculture.

Annual Percentage Rate

The yearly Percentage Rate is the speed at which you borrow cash from lender. It comprises all of the first charges and ongoing costs you will pay during the mortgage term. As its name implies, annual percentage rate, or APR, is that the price of a mortgage quoted at a annual fee. The yearly percentage rate is a fantastic method to compare the deals from various lenders based on the yearly cost of each loan.


Apportionment, or sharing outside, is a centre which lets you split the obligation for utilities, real estate taxes, etc., using the purchaser or the vendor of the house when you’re either selling or purchasing the property.


Arrears occur when you default on your mortgage payment or another kind of debt repayment. In case you have arrears on the listing of your existing mortgage, you may face problems if you would like to check at remortgaging or obtaining a new mortgage.

Arrangement Fee

An arrangement fee is the amount you need to pay your creditor to get particular mortgage prices. While trying to find a fixed rate, money back, or discounted rate mortgage, then you may pay this fee in the time which you submit your program, it has to be added into the loan upon completion of the period, or it’ll be subtracted from the loan on completion.


A mission is the record transferring the rental of their property or rights of possession from a seller to a purchaser. It could possibly be an endowment policy into the building society in relationship with a mortgage.


ASU is Accident, Sickness, and Unemployment insurance that insures your mortgage payments in the event of an crash, a sickness, or involuntary unemployment.


An auction would be the public sale of a house to the man who estimates highest bid. The maximum bidder needs to register a binding contract which guarantees that he perform all valuations, searches, etc. until the sale of their house.

Authority to Inspect the Register

A power to inspect the register record is a record fro the registered or legal owner of a house permitting the attorney of the buyer to find information regarding the property.

Banker Draft

A lien draft is a means to create a payment. In appearance, it’s just like a cheque, but in effect it’s a cash payment. The cash is provided to the lender, and they issue a cheque that’s certified to be great for the specified sum.

Base Rate Tracker

Base rate tracker is a sort of mortgage where the rate of interest is variable, however it’s put at a premium (above) that the Bank of England Base Rate for a time or for the complete duration of the mortgage. The best thing about this kind of mortgage is that it’s little if any redemption penalty. This implies that by creating overpayments, you’ll have the ability to spend less due to paying off your mortgage sooner than the agreed upon date to the first mortgage contract.

Booking Fee

A booking fee or arrangement fee is charged when applying for a predetermined or a restricted rate loan. Booking fees are typically non-refundable if billed upfront, but occasionally the booking fee is added into a final mortgage payment.

Bridging Loan

A bridging loan is helpful once you wish to get a house, but your capacity to do this is determined by the sale of your old home. This is a really short term loan that’s paid off when your old home sells. Talk to financing advisor before taking out a bridging loan to make sure it’s the ideal alternative for you.

Broker Fee

A broker fee is paid for a own debt adviser or other intermediary that helps you in finding the ideal loan or mortgage deal for your situation. BSAThe BSA, or the Building Societies Association, is a team which is employed in the attention of member societies.

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